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Introducing MMM

The MMMs have been organized since 1997 by a committee of three morphologists: prof. Geert Booij (emeritus, Universiteit Leiden – the Netherlands), prof. Angela Ralli (University of Patras – Greece) and prof. Sergio Scalise (emeritus, University of Bologna – Italy).

The aim of these meetings is to bring together linguists who work on the morphology of (mainly, but not exclusively) European languages in an informal setting which guarantees maximal interaction between researchers, and gives young linguists an opportunity to present their work at a conference of moderate size where fruitful contacts with senior linguists can be established. Thus, a European network of morphologists is being developed and maintained.

The first nine meetings – 1997 in Mytilene (Lesvos, Greece), 1999 in Lija (Malta), 2001 in Barcelona (Spain), 2003 in Catania (Sicily, Italy), 2005 in Fréjus (France), 2007 in Ithaca (Greece), 2009 in Nicosia (Cyprus), 2011 in Cagliari (Sardegna, Italy), 2013 in Dubrovnik (Croatia) – have proven the success of this formula: the interest in attending these meetings was high, many abstracts were submitted, and the abstracts were selected anonymously, which gave young linguists the chance to present their work on the basis of quality, not primarily reputation. In addition, each meeting had a number of invited speakers, the leading morphologists of the world.

The papers presented at MMM have been  published in various ways: as conference proceedings, in the international Yearbook of Morphology and its successor, the journal Morphology, edited by Adam Albright, Geert Booij, and Ingo Plag, published by Springer Academic Publishers, and in Lingue e Linguaggio, an international journal edited by Sergio Scalise and Vito Pirrelli and published by Il Mulino (Bologna).

Three of the first five meetings (Mytilene, Barcelona and Catania) were published as books. Starting from MMM5 (Fréjus) MMM proceedings have been published online and they are hosted on this website.

Each meeting is organized in colloboration with a linguistic department of a university in the Mediterranean area. The biannual Mediterranean Morphology Meetings take usually place in September.

For more information on the organisational details of the MMM conferences, please read the MMM Constitution.

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